Intro to R/Rstudio/Bioconductor for NGS Data Analysis

Introduction to R / RStudio/ bioconductor (in preparation for Next-Generation Sequencing Data Analysis)

Note: required for subsequent R-based workshops if you are not familiar with R

Dates: TBA

LocationGenetics/Biotech Center
425 Henry Mall Madison, WI 53706

LIMITED to 8 participants – (2 minimum)

REGISTER: use Google Calendar link on chosen date to register (opens in new TAB or new window.)
It is necessary to register for each workshop separately.
– Printed original exercise book: 
if registration is less than 1 week a photocopy version may be substituted.

This workshop is aimed at researchers interested in using R methods and/or bioconductor for the analysis of Next Generation DNA Sequencing (NGS) data.

R is a popular open-source Multiplatform software. Bioconductor provides workflow based on R to analyze NGS data. RStudio is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) making R easier to use (and more.)

Students will learn R commands and methods within the Studio framework that includes methods for “reproducible research” and the very easy markdown language to format and calculate within easily formatted documents.

This workshop is a preparation to all other R-based workshops and provides insights to essential R commands and more, and for most applicants unfamiliar with R is a required session before attending other R-based workshops.

The workshop consists of some lecture material with emphasis on active hands-on exercises.

The computer laboratory exercises require that students bring a laptop* to connect to the Linux system in the Biotechnology Center.

A $195 fee is required for each student and includes costs for any printed materials.

* There is a minimal set of software that should be installed on laptops BEFORE attending the workshop. Instructions will be provided to attendees prior to the workshop and can be found within the PDF document: Preparation for R-based workshop  (Opens in new TAB or new window.)

Dr. Jean-Yves Sgro,  Ph.D., Biotechnology Center –

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All cancellation need to be notified 72 hours in advance.