Analysis of ChIP-seq Data

2024 dates:

April 15 – 9:30am – 4:30pm

Location: Genetics/Biotech 425 Henry Mall Madison, WI 53706

LIMITED TO: 8  participants – (2 minimum)

REGISTER: use Google Calendar link on chosen date to register (opens in new TAB or new window.)
It is necessary to register for each workshop separately.
– Printed original exercise book: 
if registration is less than 1 week a photocopy version may be substituted.


This workshop is intended to introduce researchers to the basic principles of analyzing ChIP-seq data generated by next-gen sequencing approaches. Participants will discuss the fundamentals of ChIP-seq experimental design and data handling and then complete a hands-on computer exercise using typical open-source tools available for processing and interpretation of ChIP-seq data. The computer exercise covers major aspects of ChIP-seq data: analysis including quality control of data, mapping data to a reference genome, data normalization, peak calling, annotation of peak sequences, comparison of binding sites across samples, identification and analysis of motifs and visualization of results.

Students will be provided with a workbook to guide them through the exercises. Attendees of the workshop are required to bring a laptop computer that will be used to connect to a remote machine with the tools and capabilities necessary for the analysis. A basic understanding of working with the command line using the Linux operating system is a prerequisite for the ChIP-seq workshop.

If you have registered for the Linux Basic for NGS Data Analysis you are considered to meet the prerequisite.

* There is a minimal set of software that should be installed on laptops BEFORE attending the workshop. Instructions will be provided to attendees prior to the workshop and can be found within the PDF document: Preparation for Linux-based workshop

Fee: $210 / seat

Jean-Yves Sgro,  Ph.D., Biotech Center

Previous instructor(s):
Dr. Jeremy Glasner, Ph.D.,  Biotechnology Center

*No-show Policy*

All cancellation need to be notified 72 hours in advance.