Data Analysis

The Bioinformatics Resource Center is a cost recovery core facility. We offer our knowledge and experience in bioinformatics in order to speed the progress of research. Our goal is to help researchers spend less time with the technical details of data analysis and more time interpreting the data. Significant time can be saved by utilizing the skills and experiences of experts. We can help eliminate your data analysis road blocks so that you can move forward with your research.

We offer several standardized data analysis pipelines which provide fast, reproducible results using standard best practices.

Service Request Form

The Bioinformatic Resource Center is 100% cost recovery. We are able to provide free consultations as a result of the other core facilities hiring us to catch any design problems that could lead to mistakes or wasted time. Please be respectful of this time so we can keep all of our service rates low.

Free Design Consultation

We offer free consultations as part of the initial experimental design. We want to ensure that you have thought about all the necessary design components before you conduct your experiment. This way BRC has high quality data when it comes time for us to analyze the data. We offer this service at no charge because it is more cost effective to catch design errors before we start the analysis.

Data Analysis and General Consultation ($/hr)

We will offer custom analysis or training at our hourly rate.

Grant Support (% effort)

We can provide project specific analysis beyond our standard pipeline services when we are written into grants. This may be a cheaper option for labs requiring a lot of analysis time as we dedicate a percent of our effort to the project.