The UW-Madison Biotechnology Center is currently open and following the Smart Restart plan regarding campus operations.


  • We set up the accounts directly with the PIs, and let them manage the access to their students.
  • Account fees are annual and billed every July until we receive notice requesting the account be closed.
  • Accounts will be created with 100GB of high availability storage. Upgraded storage available in 1TB blocks. Users are responsible for purchasing data storage as needed.
  • Data sequence at UWBC is accessible in a mounted share and does not count toward the user data quota.
  • Key card access to the computer lab does not include general building access.
  • The BRC reserves the right to deactivate any user accounts that have not been used for 6 months.
  • The BRC reserves the right to close user accounts which have been inactive for a period of 1 year. BRC will notify the account user prior to closing an account.
  • The data in closed accounts may be deleted to recover space. It is the responsibility of the account users to make sure they transfer any data prior to closing an account.


  • A BRC account is required to access BRC servers.
  • Users MAY NOT install software of any kind on the computer lab workstations.
  • Users MAY install software in the account’s home directory on the servers. We do not grant root privileges. The BRC will try to keep commonly used packages updated in the software directory.
  • Users must use our Google calendar to schedule their sessions. Your reservation should cover the run time for the analyses and not just the time you will be at the workstation. BRC staff can work with you on particularly demanding jobs so that they can be run outside of normal working hours.
  • BRC accounts allow door access to the computer lab only. Building access is not managed by BRC.
  • If demand exceeds capacity, UW researchers have priority to use BRC Computer Lab. BRC staff will proactively monitor usage and inform users in as timely a manner as possible if access may be limited or delayed.


  • UWBC/BRC rents servers at cost. Rental rates will include the cost of system administration and maintenance.
  • Servers are considered rented until we receive a user request to end the rental period.
  • Rental server access is billed at the end of the rental period or at the end of the fiscal year, which ever comes first.
  • Server access for rented servers is restricted to the renting account and UWBC staff during the rental period.
  • UWBC/BRC reserves the right to restrict access on dates when the server is scheduled for maintenance or internal use. Users will be notified in advance of all scheduled dates when the server will be unavailable.