Bioinformatics Resources Core

The Bioinformatics Resource Core (BRC) is a cost-recovery facility within the UW Biotechnology Center (UWBC) that is dedicated to assisting researchers with their data analysis needs. We specialize in experimental design and the running of standardized pipelines so that you can devote your time to interpreting your data instead of processing it. Allow us to provide you with fast and reliable results by utilizing our pipeline services. Please use our request form if you would like us to process your data through one of our standardized pipelines.

Service Request Form

Data Analysis and General Consultation ($150/hr internal, $249.58/hr external).  You can also work with us through direct grant support mechanisms using a percent effort model.

Please inquire at

Popular ServicesDNA

  • Data Analysis
    • WGS/Exome/Targeted Variant Analysis
    • RNAseq Analysis
    • Footprinting (ChIP, ATAC, Cut&Run)
    • Genotype-by-sequencing
    • 16S/18S/ITS Analysis
    • Genome Assembly
    • AlphaFold protein structure prediction
    • Custom data wrangling
  • Workshops
  • Server Access
    • Computer Lab
    • Server Rental
    • Software & Genome Data

Acknowledgment and authorship guidelines

We kindly ask you to acknowledge any BRC contribution in your presentation and publication. Please consider granting authorship if you feel we have made an intellectual contribution to the work. We rely on public acknowledgments of our work when applying for funding.

“The author(s) utilized the University of Wisconsin-Madison Biotechnology Center Bioinformatics Core Facility (Research Resource Identifier – RRID:SCR_017799) for analysis of …”

Articles: Core services: Reward bioinformaticians, A Lack of Attribution

Acknowledged work: BRC publications (Please tell us if we missed your publication, even if you forgot to mention us.)