Bioinformatics Resource Center

The Bioinformatics Resource Center (BRC) is a cost-recovery facility within the UW Biotechnology Center (UWBC) that is dedicated to assisting researchers with their data analysis needs.

Acknowledgment and authorship guidelines

We kindly ask you to acknowledge any BRC contribution in your presentation and publication. Please consider granting authorship if you feel we have made an intellectual contribution to the work. We rely on public acknowledgments of our work when applying for funding.

“The author(s) utilized the University of Wisconsin-Madison Biotechnology Center Bioinformatics Core Facility (Research Resource Identifier – RRID:SCR_017799) for analysis of …”

Articles: Core services: Reward bioinformaticiansA Lack of Attribution

Acknowledged work: BRC publications (Please tell us if we missed your publication, even if you forgot to mention us.)

Data Analysis

Analysis Pipelines

BRC specializes in running standardized pipelines so that you can devote your time interpreting your data instead of processing it. Allow us to provide you with fast and reliable results by utilizing our pipeline services. Please use our request form if you would like us to process your data through one of our standardized pipelines.

Design Consultation

We offer free consultations as part of the initial experimental design. We want to ensure that you have thought about all the necessary design components before you conduct your experiment. This way BRC has high-quality data when it comes time for us to analyze the data. We offer this service at no charge to clients who intend to use our facility because it is more cost-effective to catch design errors before we start the analysis.

Data Analysis and General Consultation ($/hr)

We will offer custom analysis or training at our hourly rate. Please inquire at if you would like customized data analysis or training.

Grant Support (% effort)

We can provide project-specific analysis beyond our standard pipeline services when we are written into grants. This may be a more cost-effective option for labs with large or long-term projects.


Please see the workshop overview page for more information about how to register and prepare for our introductory workshops!

Server Access

The BRC manages access to UWBC Linux servers. These servers are for the purposes of data analysis only. A BRC account is needed to access server resources. Access permissions and data storage are tied to a BRC account and not a server. This separates our compute costs from the data storage and account maintenance overhead. All servers benefit from our high availability storage system and access to the BRC common software directory.

Computer lab – (Closed due to COVID)

The BRC computer lab is located in room 2251 of the Biotechnology Center. The computer lab contains three workstations that may be used to access the AGAR servers. Key card access is granted upon request to users with an active BRC account. We request that users reserve a server for the entire duration the server will be processing the data.

Remote access

Users can rent BRC servers at cost. Rented BRC servers are dedicated to a specific account and allow for remote access from any campus location or from off-campus via VPN.

Software & Genome Data

The BRC staff uses many common bioinformatic software packages, and maintains alignment indexes for popular reference genomes. All BRC users have access to our software directory (/mnt/software) and genomes directory (/mnt/genomes). Software programs and genome indexes are maintained as needed. Users may request updates and/or install additional software according to our policy.